Ace Bungalows Epe is a mini and secured estate for family of two, aged people, working class, retirees and newly wedded couples with perfect mix of comfort, style and simplicity. The Aces Bungalows is unique in itself. With the Lagos lifestyle, the need for a serene atmosphere becomes a necessity. Where else can one enjoy an atmosphere that creates a holiday-styled living, at your own pace. Where you LIVE. EARN & RELAX.

All these happens at The Aces Bungalows . It is located at Ibowon, Epe Town, Lagos. It is 7 mins from Epe T-Junction and 20 mins from the Alaro City, Lagos.

Title: Government Gazette

Selling at N16.5million for a 2bedroom terrace bungalow, you can make an a minimum deposit of N2.5million today, while you spread the balance across 12 months. This comes finished and furnished unit can be delivered as seen on the pictures below. This bungalow can also be monitized via shortlet earning an you daily or weekly income as cashflow.

Furnished unit will be used for shortlet as seeing below:

Let Us Do A Money Calculations On Shortlets:

Ideal hotel in Epe town charges #15,000 per night for single room. Meaning two bedrooms will be #30,000. But we are using #20,000 for this calculation.

#20,000 per night multiply by 30 days (20,000*30) = 600,000

#600,000 per month multiply by 12 months (600,000*12) = #7,200,000

Ideal rental income via shortlet is #600,000 for a month and #7,200,000 for a year.

Your invested capital of #16.5M will be made in three years with additional #5,100,000 as return while the property still remain yours.

Imagine getting such cashflow without quitting your job or for retirement plan?

That is what Dangote, Otedola and others are doing with several properties in Epe, Lagos.


Alaro City,

Epe Resort and Spa,

Jubilee resort,

Yaba College of Technology,

St Augustine University,

Lekki International Airport.

All those landmarks will contribute to property appreciation in short time. So, either for personal usage or monitization via shorlet for cashflow, this is best option for you.

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