Please read the following carefully to understand processes of property acquisition with us. Real Estate is tangible asset that is durable and trans-generational. For proper acquisition, Site Inspection is mandatory for whoever interested in acquiring a property or more with us. A. SITE INSPECTION can be done by the client if available on ground, or send a delegate to inspect on behalf. We do arrange virtual inspection across all properties for those that are comfortable with it.

Inspecting physically will determine if the property is good for purchase by the client, if satisfied with what was inspected or not. It will also familiarize the client with closest landmarks, surrounded projects, topography of the property, and other features.

  1. If SATISFIED, next action is to fill the Subscription form and sign the FAQs Form for documentation. Client documents (Deed of Assignment, Contract of Sales, Survey and Allocation Letter) will be addressed to the data provided on the subscription form.

The FAQs Form include further information about the property like location, size, price, title, other documents, statutory fees, payment plans, refund policy and Company’s account details.

NOTE: We do not accept cash payment to any staff, agent or partner for security reasons. Rather direct payment to the official bank account that will be provided on the form.

  1. REFUNDING can be done for whoever interested in terminating his/her agreement with us, there is Refund Clause on the Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQs) Form that all Prospects/Clients must read carefully.
  2. ALLOCATION are done instantly in batches based on how the statutory fees was paid. So, we advise all Clients to be available or send Representative for allocation ceremony if contacted and endeavor to get all necessary documents.