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Generally, real estate market is full of scam and fraudulent acts but such can be prevent if Client/Investor takes proper steps with caution. Making research via available documents is the first step of preventing being scammed. So, we do engaged in DUE DILIGENCE and will also aid your search by providing all necessary documents for your independent searching.

  • Genuine and Verifiable Document

Title documents are evidence of ownership on property transactions, genuine ones are easy to verify across Land Bureau or Secretariats with the root title to the perfected title. All our properties have root title documents to the apex title documents for genuity and security of your investment for lifetime.

  • Perfect Location

Location is key in real estate which is the determinant factor for property appreciation. We have properties in strategic locations with landmarks to Airports, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Recreational Centers, Markets, Malls, Beaches, Major Roads and Commercial Hubs. All these will not only make you landlord/lady, but will also help in fast appreciation of your property earning you rental income if you are not living there.

  • Good Return on Investment (ROI)

By adhering to our real estate tips and guides, you can start making returns of 2M to 5M in 18 months of your investment, so it is not necessary to wait for 5/10 years before cashing out from your property. We provide best option for you on that, even if you are paying on instalments your property would have appreciated in 10% ROI before your complete payment.

  • Serene Environment

Live in a well planned estate, quite and serene with private securities. Also, kids playground, gym, football and volleyball pitch, swimming pool, interlocked roads, drainage system, CCTV camera, electricity and smart homes features you will love.

  • Property Allocation for Possession

Having physical access to one’s property is dream of all Investors/Buyers and we understand that. We do arrange instant allocation for all to have full control over purchased property (ies).

Below is video from the recent allocation ceremony for home buyers with good impressions.

That is to assure you taking possession of your property after all necessary fees paid, also to gain confidence in delivered projects where people are already building and living in.

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